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Tigernuts Fair Project: The project

Tamou is a rural town located approximately 100 km south-east of Niamey, the capital city of Niger. It is not particularly a region where tiger nuts are traditionally grown in this country, but there is heavy migration towards the big cities due to a lack of interesting opportunities in rural areas.

Driven by this need to create opportunities for people born in rural areas, this project has been launched. It is headed by ElHadji Soumaila Hatimou, a renowned trading company in this country that specialises in tiger nuts, and its European partner, Tigernuts Traders S.L., the largest tiger nut exporter in the whole world. These two companies began collaborating before the year 2000 and since then their aim has always been to offer farmers opportunities that have a social and environmental impact. Since 2015, both companies have been collaborating to implement this project, aiming to have a positive impact on farmers’ lives in the broadest sense. The values driving this project are mainly a commitment to indigenous communities in the production areas and to transparency for consumers, so this website intends to make the voices of these workers from the Nigerien region of Tamou heard.

One of the first challenges to be tackled in order for consumers to understand this project was to explain the real working conditions in the rural area of Tamou. That is why we have created an explanatory video, where the consumer can see first-hand how these tasks are carried out and why certain decisions are taken in the field.

Development funds

As of 2018, structural development funds will begin to be generated, which will be invested in different projects in rural areas.


Construction of suitable houses.


Construction of agricultural infrastructures.​


Creation of a school for basic education.​

2018: Construction of suitable houses

Construction of suitable houses and solar panels enabling renewable energy to be generated

Introduction (Problem): Housing is a priority social need. However, for much of the population in the Sahel, housing is often precarious or even inaccessible. Poverty, population growth and the disappearance of wood resources used in traditional architecture deprive millions of families of access to decent housing.
For their housing, these families have no choice but to resort to their low budgets reserved for health, food and education to be able to buy imported roofs made of sheet metal, which are therefore very expensive yet largely inadequate.

Budget: 24,731,460 XOF

Implementation (solution): Through this project we have built houses for 8 complete families who will start working soon on ETS Elhadji Soumaila Hatimou’s farms. Solar panels have also been installed to generate clean energy for these households, thereby reducing the use of fossil energies from diesel generators.

2019: Construction of agricultural infrastructures

Construction of agricultural infrastructures to optimize crops​

2020: Creation of a school for basic education

Creation of a school for basic education


This project represents a solid commitment towards the workers and the populations around the farm, as well as towards the consumers. The project managers are committed to complete transparency in using the development funds, which is why the project manager also has a firm commitment to demonstrate transparency in all the activities to be carried out.

ElHadji Soumaila Hatimou: Prix Africain de l'Emergence et du Développpement

ElHadji Soumaila Hatimou

ElHadji: Prix Africain de l'Emergence et du Développpement

Prix Africain de l’Emergence et du Développpement 2018

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