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2018: Construction of suitable houses

Construction of suitable houses and solar panels enabling renewable energy to be generated

Introduction (Problem): Housing is a priority social need. However, for much of the population in the Sahel, housing is often precarious or even inaccessible. Poverty, population growth and the disappearance of wood resources used in traditional architecture deprive millions of families of access to decent housing.
For their housing, these families have no choice but to resort to their low budgets reserved for health, food and education to be able to buy imported roofs made of sheet metal, which are therefore very expensive yet largely inadequate.

Budget: 24,731,460 XOF

Implementation (solution): Through this project we have built houses for 8 complete families who will start working soon on ETS Elhadji Soumaila Hatimou’s farms. Solar panels have also been installed to generate clean energy for these households, thereby reducing the use of fossil energies from diesel generators.

House plans

   Plan logement personell - FACADE PRINCIPALE

Plan logement personell - PLAN DE NIVEAU

Plan logement personell - FACADE LATERALE DROITE

Plan logement personell - FACADE ARRIERE

Plan logement personell - PLAN DE LA TOITURE


Budget detail

Devis Logement Repris 01Devis Logement Repris 02Devis Logement Repris 03Devis Logement Repris 04

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